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Proudly South Australian Owned and Trusted Since 1993
Proudly South Australian Owned and Trusted Since 1993

Vacuum Head 'Clean Up' Turbo

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Introducing our 'Clean Up' Turbo Vacuum Head, a versatile and efficient accessory for your vacuum cleaner. This air-driven power head is suitable for use with all ducted vacuums and many popular portables.

The 'Clean Up' Turbo Vacuum Head features a new design that allows for effortless vacuuming on all floor surfaces. Its roller brush gently beats your carpets as it cleans, ensuring maximum dirt and dust extraction.

Equipped with a high-performance inner turbine system, this vacuum head offers high efficiency and low noise operation, while boosting your cleaning performance. Additionally, the front cover of the head is removable, allowing for easy access to the brush, making cleaning a breeze.

To ensure compatibility with a wide range of vacuum cleaners, the 'Clean Up' Turbo Vacuum Head comes complete with a 32mm/35mm adapter. It is a must-have accessory for any vacuum cleaner, enhancing its cleaning capabilities and making your cleaning tasks more efficient. Upgrade your vacuuming experience with the 'Clean Up' Turbo Vacuum Head.

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