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Proudly South Australian Owned and Trusted Since 1993
Proudly South Australian Owned and Trusted Since 1993

Universal Paper Vacuum Bags - Compact

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$20.00 - $85.00
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Our Universal Paper Vacuum Bags are designed to provide a compact and genuine micro-lined filtration solution for popular Australian ducted vacuum systems with a cannister diameter of 300-330mm.

These paper filter bags are made with high-quality materials to ensure effective filtration and capture of dust and debris. They are suitable for most popular ducted systems and offer a convenient and reliable option for maintaining a clean home.

The dimensions of these bags are 20cm wide and 64cm tall when laid flat, ensuring a proper fit for your vacuum cleaner.

Popular ducted vacuum models that are compatible with these bags include:

- Aussie Vac: AV1100, AV1300COM, AV606, AV808, AV1400COM, AVECO, EconoVac
- Astro Vac: All compact and deluxe models
- Valet: ValuVac, V1P, V2P, V150
- Premier Clean: Compact models

By using our Universal Paper Vacuum Bags, you can ensure that your vacuum cleaner operates efficiently and effectively. These bags offer a convenient and reliable solution for capturing dust and debris, helping to maintain a clean and healthy environment in your home.

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