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Proudly South Australian Owned and Trusted Since 1993
Proudly South Australian Owned and Trusted Since 1993

Deluxe Cleaning Tool Kit

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Introducing the Deluxe Cleaning Tool Kit, the ultimate solution for maintaining a clean and fresh home. This comprehensive kit includes a range of high-quality tools designed to tackle various cleaning tasks with ease.

One of the standout features of the Deluxe Cleaning Tool Kit is the Deluxe Universal Carpet Head. With its convenient roller wheel, this versatile tool seamlessly transitions between hard floors and carpets. Simply adjust the brush position to switch from a hard floor tool to a carpet tool, ensuring efficient cleaning on any surface.

The kit also includes the 300mm Hard Floor Brush, specifically designed to protect delicate finishes like polished stone or hardwood flooring. Its soft natural fill provides optimal support and effortless gliding, eliminating the risk of damage while effectively removing dirt and debris.

For those hard-to-reach areas, the Crevice Tool is a game-changer. Equipped with additional air flow slots, it maintains strong suction even in challenging situations, ensuring no dirt or dust is left behind.

Our Premium Upholstery Tool is specially designed to provide effective cleaning without compromising air flow. Unlike traditional tools, it won't seal to the floor or furniture, allowing for optimal airflow and thorough cleaning. The attached brush aids in releasing embedded dirt from furniture and deeper carpets, while the brush strip is perfect for surface cleaning on carpets.

Lastly, the Deluxe Cleaning Tool Kit features a Dusting Brush with natural bristles. This versatile tool is ideal for delicate finishes and uneven surfaces, ensuring a gentle yet thorough clean.

With the Deluxe Cleaning Tool Kit, you'll have all the necessary tools at your fingertips to effortlessly maintain a spotless and inviting home. Say goodbye to dirt, dust, and grime, and hello to a cleaner, healthier living environment.

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